“Strong Women”: A Discussion

Here it is, my last post on Saturday’s for a while. It’s that time of year, school is wrapping up, assignments are drawing nearer, and this year it feels like everything is a little crazier and more dramatic because it’s the last time I’ll be doing it. So we are going to end off this string of posts with some discussion about a descriptor I have grown to hate, its implications, and a new way to talk about ladies in our stories.

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Shadowhunters 1×11 “Blood Calls To Blood”

This weeks episode is continuing the streak that this show has of upping the ante every week in order to provide us with some good television. “Blood Calls To Blood” easily is the best episode of Shadowhunters yet, as it weaves every theme the show has been touching upon seemingly into the story; moving the plot forward at the perfect pace while also spending considerable time on character progression. Intrigued? I hope you are!

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Why, I believe it’s those adorable Gilmore Girls!


La la la la la la la la la. Let the lovely la la’s from Gilmore Girls wash over you as you read this post, I think it will set the mood. My thought process this week was that I cannot think of something more crucial in terms of representations of young women. WB’s Gilmore Girls is still to this day, a classic hour long drama that is so popular it has almost been rebooted a number of times resulting in Netflix finally creating a new extension of the series that is currently being filmed!

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Shadowhunters 1×10 “This World Inverted”

Let’s start this week by being happy that Shadowhunters has been picked up for a Season 2! Yay!! So this week’s episode is 1×10 “This World Inverted” and it follows Clary on her journey through an alternate dimension in order to find a way to her father. Today’s post we will be talking about the implications of the themes the show is focusing on, and some comparisons to the books.

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A New Wave of Storytelling? I Hope So

Today we are going to be talking about different ways that representation matters. As any good feminist knows, intersectionality is key to hopefully overcoming many of the obstacles we face as women. Ultimately the point is that there are different types of oppression and we all experience them differently. I as a white female, experience different types of oppression as a woman who is gay, or who is black, for example. This blog is focused on the representation of young women in the media and it would not be a very progressive blog if all I did was focus on people who look like me. This post is going to be focused on ways I have noticed television and movies changing to allow for more representation, but also I will discuss the importance of outside of fiction, how important discussing these issues are. We are blessed to have so many smart and talented young women speaking up about these issues currently.

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Shadowhunters 1×09 “Rise Up”

We are back on track, all caught up with what has aired of Shadowhunters currently. Last night’s episode 1×09 “Rise Up” gave us lots of action, drama, and character building. Clary and Jace are closer to finding Jocelyn, Alec and Lydia think they are close to figuring out how to restore the Lightwoods name (they aren’t) and Izzy’s relationship with Meliorn is coming back to bite her in the ass. Remember way back when in that post I made with all the need-to-know terms, well we’re going to need that again. Lydia, working on orders from the Clave (the ruling body for Shadowhunters) arrests Meliorn (a seelie) on suspicion of getting information from Izzy and giving to Valentine. His punishment is going to see the Silent Brothers (remember those weird dementor-like dudes that tried to read Clary’s memories? Yeah those guys. They don’t love Downworlders so this pretty much means Meliorn is going to die. This weeks episode is an episode where we see every single one of the main characters dealing with some really morally exhausting problems.

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Ladies of YouTube

Today we’re moving away from movies and television and drifting into a different type of media that is dominating the online community. YouTube. It’s been quite a few years now since the first of the Vloggers began gaining popularity. Most hugely popular YouTubers have had their channels for at least 5 years. Successful YouTube personalities range from teen girls and boys, young adults, families, makeup gurus, gamers, chefs, etc. The platform of YouTube has quickly grown into an extremely lucrative business which has turned this plethora of young people into celebrities. YouTube pays people based on the number of views on their page, so when people have videos that reach over 1 million views, they are rolling in it. Additionally, blogs, Instagram pages, endorsement deals all become ways of making money for these entrepreneurs. In terms of representation, YouTube is a phenomenal place to find every type of person imaginable! This post is going to be something like a starter kit for awesome women on YouTube! A little change up from the normal style of posts but not by much.

Here are 6 women you should be subscribed to on YouTube.

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