Ladies of YouTube

Today we’re moving away from movies and television and drifting into a different type of media that is dominating the online community. YouTube. It’s been quite a few years now since the first of the Vloggers began gaining popularity. Most hugely popular YouTubers have had their channels for at least 5 years. Successful YouTube personalities range from teen girls and boys, young adults, families, makeup gurus, gamers, chefs, etc. The platform of YouTube has quickly grown into an extremely lucrative business which has turned this plethora of young people into celebrities. YouTube pays people based on the number of views on their page, so when people have videos that reach over 1 million views, they are rolling in it. Additionally, blogs, Instagram pages, endorsement deals all become ways of making money for these entrepreneurs. In terms of representation, YouTube is a phenomenal place to find every type of person imaginable! This post is going to be something like a starter kit for awesome women on YouTube! A little change up from the normal style of posts but not by much.

Here are 6 women you should be subscribed to on YouTube.

Ingrid Nilsen (missglamorazzi)

Ingrid created her channel in 2009 in hopes of over coming her fear of public speaking, and since then has become one of the most popular beauty guru’s on YouTube. When she started her channel was popular for her makeup tips, how to videos and her focus on fashion and style. 8 months ago however, she came out as a lesbian and since then has taken it upon herself to integrate lots of representation and activism into her channel. She is a funny intelligent woman who has turned her presence online into a progressive space.

GloZell (glozell1)

Glozell Simon is one of the funniest women ever on the internet and her positivity and specific brand of comedy has earned her 4 million loyal subscribers. There’s nothing else to say, she is amazing and watching her videos will make your day.

Grace Helbig (gracehinabox)

Grace started her career on YouTube around the same time as GloZell and Ingrid but worked alongside MyDamnChannel and when she felt that her creative freedom was being hindered she left and remade her account. Her new channel is a wonderful channel that mixes comedy, beauty, fashion and general silliness. Grace however is also a successful talk show host, author and actress. She is snarky, cynical and wonderful. Her video in reference to Nicole Arbour’s gross video also shows her compassion.

Akilah (smoothiefreak)

Akilah is a comedian and writer whose YouTube channel ranges from tipsy book reviews to activist works to collaborations with actors and other YouTubers. She infuses a hilarious tone to a ton of issues like race and feminism. Generally hilarious smart, informative and great videos.

Louise Pentland (sprinkleofglitter)

Louise is a thirtyish year old mother of an adorable 4-year-old who created her YouTube around 5 years ago focusing on beauty and fashion. Her channel is mainly a lifestyle channel but she consistently talks about issues she has with homesickness and anxiety. She’s also body positive and has her own plus size clothing line out.

Lilly Singh (IIsuperwomanII)

Lilly is a Canadian (yay!!!) comedian and YouTuber who has 8 million subscribers. She posts sketches, interviews, vlogs. Her channel is heralded for her inclusivity and positivity. She recently made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, also!

YouTube as a place that has quickly turned into a celebrity making machine is frightening however. The community is full of scandals (more) and it seems that other than outrage online, YouTube doesn’t really have a plan of action in terms of changing the way the community operates.

These ladies however, infuse positivity, acceptance and friendship into this online space and I hope you all enjoy watching them!

Next week!

Wednesday: Back on track with currently airing episodes: Shadowhunters 1×09.

Saturday: We are going to talk about the varying ways representation matters and how this intersects with representations of young women.


4 thoughts on “Ladies of YouTube

  1. Alisa says:

    I really like Lilly Singh for her positivity, but I think if I had to watch it too much, I would end up becoming a bit overwhelmed by the constancy of it all. You know, the whole theory that we couldn’t know light without dark, happiness without sorrow…etc. YouTube is more complicated in that it is driven by the populace but co-opted by corporations (as evidenced by Prof. Danaher’s video posting issues). So the messages are more polysemic but whether they are evidence of a cultural milieu or whether YouTube, like blogs, has the democratic potential to undermine, resist and challenge the dominant gender norms…I am not sure. There seems to be a lot of garbage on YouTube, but then there are moments of real cultural engagement and disruption of the lowest common denominator kind of cultural expression. Anyway, I like your posts, I always learn something or think sideways about something.


    • Allison Chandler says:

      Yes I know exactly what you mean about the constancy. One of the problems I have sometimes with YouTube is realizing these videos are snippets of peoples lives not their whole lives. Also, many YouTubers have that problem as well. I’ve noticed that though positivity is obviously something they want to promote and inspire their younger viewers with, many of the people I watch actually delve into their personal problems in hopes of helping others with issues like depression and anxiety.
      I can never watch too many videos at once or even really keep up with weekly videos because sometimes the ridiculousness of it all gets in the way, but I think that seeing as these YouTubers are now actual celebrities who are making millions upon millions of dollars from this website it is a valid form of media that I’ve found important to look for cool women to engage with!


  2. alainamarias says:

    I loved this post! GloZell is one of my favourite Youtubers to watch for a good laugh. I think that it’s awesome to see women being entrepreneurs through Youtube and spreading positive messages and motivation to viewers. I also really like that you addressed females in this media environment which is different but still very similar to television and films!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kezianavey says:

    I love this post. They are all absolute goals. I also fully agree with the comments above – but i am interested to see where the world goes with people mediating their own content rather than media corporations controlling it all.


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