This is where there will be a series of essays anonymously published…..no, wait that’s a lyric from Hamilton. What this really is is my blog. My name is Allison, I am 25 years old and currently in my last year at Brock University majoring in English. I enjoy everything television, film, music, YouTube and social media have to offer. However, I don’t do anything passively, so naturally I also love to delve into the depths of all of these avenues and analyze them.

Primarily I am interested in representations of young women and the consequences of these representations. I am a feminist and will analyze things through this lens as I talk on Wednesdays about the show Shadowhunters and its specific representation of young women (I will also talk at length about masculinity and gender and how the show challenges representations of that + sexuality). On Saturdays I will discuss broader issues in the representations of young women in differing forms of media. Though I could write an entire novel on many differing issues surrounding gender, feminism and the media, this blog is specifically dealing with representations of young women.

Join me as I talk about all the ways that I interact with media on a daily basis and what I’ve noticed in how young women are treated in areas of popular culture.

Get to know me!:

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Here I am in my natural habit, with my sisters cat taking a nap on me.

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And here is how most of my weekends are spent. Could be worse!


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