Shadowhunters 1×09 “Rise Up”

We are back on track, all caught up with what has aired of Shadowhunters currently. Last night’s episode 1×09 “Rise Up” gave us lots of action, drama, and character building. Clary and Jace are closer to finding Jocelyn, Alec and Lydia think they are close to figuring out how to restore the Lightwoods name (they aren’t) and Izzy’s relationship with Meliorn is coming back to bite her in the ass. Remember way back when in that post I made with all the need-to-know terms, well we’re going to need that again. Lydia, working on orders from the Clave (the ruling body for Shadowhunters) arrests Meliorn (a seelie) on suspicion of getting information from Izzy and giving to Valentine. His punishment is going to see the Silent Brothers (remember those weird dementor-like dudes that tried to read Clary’s memories? Yeah those guys. They don’t love Downworlders so this pretty much means Meliorn is going to die. This weeks episode is an episode where we see every single one of the main characters dealing with some really morally exhausting problems.

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