Ladies of YouTube

Today we’re moving away from movies and television and drifting into a different type of media that is dominating the online community. YouTube. It’s been quite a few years now since the first of the Vloggers began gaining popularity. Most hugely popular YouTubers have had their channels for at least 5 years. Successful YouTube personalities range from teen girls and boys, young adults, families, makeup gurus, gamers, chefs, etc. The platform of YouTube has quickly grown into an extremely lucrative business which has turned this plethora of young people into celebrities. YouTube pays people based on the number of views on their page, so when people have videos that reach over 1 million views, they are rolling in it. Additionally, blogs, Instagram pages, endorsement deals all become ways of making money for these entrepreneurs. In terms of representation, YouTube is a phenomenal place to find every type of person imaginable! This post is going to be something like a starter kit for awesome women on YouTube! A little change up from the normal style of posts but not by much.

Here are 6 women you should be subscribed to on YouTube.

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